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Pet Therapy Special Programs

"Tales with T.A.I.L.S."

Our "Tales with T.A.I.L.S." (Therapy Animals Increase Literacy Skills) Program is an effective and fun way to improve children's reading and communication skills through the assistance of our registered pet therapy teams as literacy mentors. The child reads to the pet as the pet quietly sits or lays close by. The child is encouraged to pet, engage and connect with the pet. Our registered pets can be ideal reading companions because they help increase relaxation and lower blood pressure. Unlike peers, pets are attentive listeners, they don't judge or criticize, so children are more comfortable and inclined to forget about their own fears. It can enhance a child's love of reading! A great foundation for a lifetime of learning.

"Paws for Heroes"

Our "Paws for Heroes" Program is dedicated to providing pet therapy to members of the military (active & veterans) and first responders including police and fire departments.

Caring Hearts Paws for Heroes Event

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